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Stars and Stripes Forever

Acrylic on canvas 2012
48"x30" available for purchase

Painted for a show themed around political satire/comment. The image of me with an American flag blindfold represents how we wrap ourselves in patriotism while our rights are systematically taken away by such things as the "Patriot Act".

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Acrylic on canvas
48"x30" available for purchase

This was a client commission of not only his, by my favorite artist of all time, Sade. A labor of love that took several months to finish. This is my first full color acrylic portrait.

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Discovering David

Acrylic on canvas 2011
40"x30" available for purchase

I was inspired to do this concept for a show called "Urban Grit" at a local gallery. Since no other model was available I chose myself. By doing black and white in foreground and color through the window, I wanted to impart the sense of separation we often feel from others.

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Graphite pencil/chalk on board
20"x15" SOLD

I was commissioned to do a duel portrait of Matt Damon. On one side is Matt as most see him and the other is a side my client wished to see. All tongue and cheak.

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Self Portrait

Watercolor on paper 2008
22"x30" available for purchase

After a nearly ten year period away from creating art of any type, I wanted to start again with an examination of self. I used the hot colors to exemplify my burning passion to create.

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My Beloved

Watercolor on paper
22"x30" available for purchase

I was moved by the hunger and poverty of so many of us in this world to create a moment with paint of one of the few riches that has no price...the love and protection of a mother for her child.

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Color pencil/acrylic on board
20"x32" available for purchase

The macaw is such a majestic and beautiful creature, it had to be recorded in all it's glory. Full color and full size.

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Color pencil/acrylic on board
20"x30" available for purchase

Again I used color pencil for it's luminous qualities. Ms. Foster is such a striking beauty, I could not resist capturing her at this moment in time.

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Mixed media on board
20"x30" available for purchase

Daughter of Ingrid Bergman another stunning actress, they look very much like mother and daughter. I couldn't resist trying to do her beauty justice. In this painting, I chose to do everything in shades of blue (after the movie that made her famous, "Blue Velvet") except for her lovely hazel eyes.

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Color pencil and guache on board
30"x20" available for purchase

I used color pencil because it's waxy base allows it to perfectly mimic the softness and depth of human skin. It also allows for the luminosity that would compliment the exquisite beauty of Grace Kelly.

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Graphite pencil/chalk/acrylic on board
20"x30" NFS

With this piece I wanted to take my favorite image of the legendary screen goddess and keep the colors muted and almost to the point of being faded. With that in mind I wanted to impart the sense of her diaphanous existence. Delicate and fleeting.

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17"x22" available for purchase

This study in watercolor was a challenge as I had never done a portrait in the medium.